Printing Tips

How To print  RCC web pages (or any web site page)
without losing words on the right-hand edge of the page:

Are you annoyed with losing the right-hand edge of text
when you print pages from Internet sites?

Here is one solution to achieve full text width printing:


Before you log on to the website from which you wish to print, do the following:

1. Telephone dial-up connections ONLY:

a. First connect (Log On) to your ISP such as AOL or Yahoo, or MSN, etc., and then Minimize the screen.

b. Go to HOW TO SET MARGINS... below.

2. High-speed Cable and DSL connections ONLY:

Go directly to HOW TO SET MARGINS... below.



1. Open the Internet Explorer browser - the big blue little e:
     a. usually located on your desktop
     b. or, click on Start, Click on All Programs, Click on e Internet Explorer

2. Click on File (at upper left corner of the menu bar)

3. Click on Page Setup

4. Change both the right and left margins to 0.25 (1/4 inch)

5. Click on OK

NOTE: The Above procedure for setting page margins on Internet Explorer only needs to be done once! The settings will remain in effect until you change them.


Now you are ready Log on to the site from which you wish to print.

To review how a page will look before you Print, do the following:

1. CLICK on the page you want to print!

2. Click on File

3. Click on Print Preview

4. Zoom in to see details close up. Check the text edges to see if all the words are in view. (If needed, repeat all the steps above to adjust to smaller than 0.25 margins.)

5. Print when your are satisfied that the margins are good.

REMINDER: Before printing, be sure to CLICK once anywhere in the center of the Web site page (or Web picture) you want to print! This "activates" the page text area or picture, telling the printer what is to be printed.

It is a good idea to use Print Preview before using the Print command so that you can see exactly what will actually be printed.

Whenever you use the Print command, and THE ONLY THING THAT PRINTS  is the Page Headings and/or Side Column Menus, it is because you did not "ACTIVATE" the page by clicking on it.

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